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For over 10 years the people of Kansas City, MO have trusted Safe Key Locksmith Service ’s locksmith services. Folks in Kansas City, MO know they can call us 24 x7. That’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week, any month and throughout the year. Just make a call @816-227-1014 and we’ll come over to the location anytime you need us. Whether it is an emergency call, or a call to design stronger locking systems for your vehicle, office, shop, business, public services, we can do it with finesses. We have a whole fleet of sophisticated mobile locksmith units and each one is operated by a professional locksmith team that is on call, waiting to serve you.

Safe Key Locksmith Service Kansas City, MO 816-227-1014Safe Key Locksmith Service has been attending all kinds of calls swiftly and professionally. Sometimes it’s an emergency. Sometimes it’s a call from someone who has moved into a new house and wants the locks replaced. Sometimes it’s a car lockout and a car lock that needs to be attended to. Sometimes it’s a commercial organization or a homeowner who wants to improve the current level of security and install the latest high-security locks and locking devices. You name it; we’ve already taken similar calls!

We know all the best locks and security systems available today and we use that knowledge to ensure your place is made safe and secure, just for you and your loved ones, or your staff. We believe it’s our job to keep the folks of Kansas City, MO safe and secure and we take our job seriously. All our locksmiths are trained rigorously to comply with modern locksmith industry demands. Right from a simple lock change to setting up a multilayered locking system for your premises; our professional locksmiths can carry out tasks of varied levels of complexity with ease.

Customer is the king; Safe Key Locksmith Service’s exemplary services align with the saying by ensuring that maximum client satisfaction is achieved in every task we take up. For this reason, we are the go-to locksmith service firm for innumerable clients in Kansas City, MO area.

Experience quality, reliability and affordability by choosing Safe Key Locksmith Service as your local locksmith partner!

Emergency Services:

Perhaps you got locked out of your car and your baby is inside. Perhaps you stepped outside the house and the strong wind slammed the door shut with the key inside.  In such situations you need a professional locksmith, right away. As soon as we receive your call, skilled technicians rush to your location in one of our well-equipped, state-of-the-art mobile locksmith units. These vehicles are a blessing, especially, when you make an emergency call as it enables our professionals to speed up the arrival time and reach you anywhere within Kansas City, MO area. Put us on speed dial and we’ll put an end to your emergency locksmith woes!

Security Professionals:

Our staff consists of veteran locksmiths who rank among some of the best available security professionals in the industry. All of them are highly-qualified and have been recognized by clients as one of the best available in the field today for their experience, skills and knowledge. It’s important to note that not every locksmith you find when you search for ‘locksmiths near me’ is a reliable professional. However, all our locksmiths are! 

Being security experts, our locksmiths will also help you learn about the wide range of industry-approved locking methods to tighten your security. Their professional recommendations have two-fold benefits. Not only can they make you safer; the increased level of safety might even help reduce your safety insurance premiums. 

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Simply put, a good locksmith knows how to lock up a place tight and secure. A locksmith also knows how to open those same locking systems at your specific request. Have you lost, misplaced or forgotten the keys to the locking device? Have the locks got damaged? Do you feel the need to improve your security levels? A good locksmith can deal with all of that, and more. 

All our locksmiths are trained professionals. They’ve completed demanding training courses, passed rigorous tests, and worked hard to achieve the required qualifications making them the right choice for all your lock & locksmith needs.


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