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One of the most vital components of your car that keeps your valuables locked away, trunks can also be a major source of unanticipated problems. How? Imagine locking your keys inside the trunk accidentally. If you carry a spare, then this situation might not seem like a big inconvenience, but what if you don’t? With access to your trunk and car taken away, there’s only one solution – you need to get the help of a locksmith and you need it fast. Safe Key Locksmith Service has been helping clients deal complex automotive lock and key issues for over a decade in Kansas City, MO area.  If we’ve solved their problems, we’re sure we can find a solution to yours too!

The challenge with trunk unlocking:

If you thought a trunk unlock was simple, think again! Trunks are designed to be impenetrable and to provide resistance to any manipulation by car thieves. Any locksmith can unlock a car if you’re facing a lockout, but unlocking a trunk lock is a different story altogether. Modern car manufacturers have gone to great lengths to secure trunks.

Few cars have back seat release levers located in the trunk making access into the trunk from within the car impossible. Cars are also equipped with state-of-the-art alarms that go off and shut down the trunk release system when your locksmith breaks into the vehicle. Such complexity makes a trunk unlock quite a challenging task

Hire the right auto locksmith to save the day:

Despite the confounding difficulty associated with a trunk unlock, a competent auto locksmith can get around it and help you out of the tricky situation. An inexperienced technician will end up suggesting breaking into the lock and cause serious property damage leading to expensive repairs later. 

At Safe Key Locksmith Service, we’ve dealt with numerous trunk lockout situations in Kansas City, MO area and have helped clients out of it without damaging the vehicle. Whether you’ve lost the trunk keys and need a new key or you need to retrieve your car keys from a locked trunk, our trunk unlock service can effectively deal with it all!

Safe Key Locksmith Service Kansas City, MO 816-227-1014What we do?

  • Fix broken trunk locks
  • Develop new keys for the trunk
  • Unlock the trunk without damage to the vehicle
  • Retrieve keys locked within
  • Opening jammed trunks

Need a trunk unlock service you can count on? Call Safe Key Locksmith Service and gain access to your vehicle’s trunk in no time!